Watch out for the new song/video ;]


New Video guys … for MIA’s XXXO

His eyes burn through my head “/ KANYE POWER..

New New New…

A new fresh show by brother Dee & Ricky called Kenzo digital … STAY TUNED!!!

Dutty Love Video!

Video was shot in jamaica :), They decided to go for a simple video and it paid off. Nicki Looks really good in it too with that poka dot suit ..LOVE IT!

Weddings Galore!!

Alicia & Swizz Beat’s wedding pictures-

She looked so beautiful in her long flowing dress. Being pregnant really does make you glow 🙂






T.I and Tiny Tie The Knot also!! ❤

I think Tiny got her wedding mixed up with a rave.. lol .. she looks good though 😉



Whole song–