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Hey guys,

This is our blog to start off the new year YAAY! 2010. We wanted to produce a blog to portray what we consider to be SFB- Swagger, Fashion & Beauty. Our blog is going to be poppin’ so make sure you visit, or you will be missing out ;] .

Hope you’ve all had a great holiday and best wishes for the New Year

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Rhea ; Rhea Ellen Lascaris Pierre

Bim; Bim Sfb Falodun



  1. muya woz er 2010!!!

  2. Well done Girlies… I am proud of you, finally putting your web surfing time to good use, loving the pictures… Good luck with the Blog X

  3. Guy’s I am loving the blog ❤
    Proud of you both! 🙂
    Love Love xoxo

    • Thnx Shan 4 the support
      make sure u visit on a regz ;-]

  4. out of curiousity, why didnt u edit this page saying who you two are? you guys left it at the default that wordpress gives you. and i love your blog – it wud b great to know who the blog writers are!

    • Lol we have at the side it says ‘Bim + Rhea’ + we created a post at the start that stated who we were and what we wanted to do …
      Thanks x

      • i did click on Bim + Rhea and i dont c it. also u dont have a search option on ur blog so i cant find that glod post on wen u introduced urself!

      • Oh yes.. thats right
        i meant to say click ‘About US’
        that link has been updated.

  5. fist pump for SFB- Swagger, Fashion & Beauty!
    hope this blogg get Famous cus’ Its good!

    • Ahh thanx ; we hope so to! , thanks for keeping posted 😉 x

  6. Love the blog; you lot are great blog writers ! x

    • Aww thank you , we feel at times that we don’t know what to write. But please keep posted we really are thankful for your support ..

      Rhea + Bim x

  7. I come on here all the time you know. Your site is keeping me up-to-date lool

    • Thanks for the comment… we love keeping you posted ;]

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