Weddings Galore!!

Alicia & Swizz Beat’s wedding pictures-

She looked so beautiful in her long flowing dress. Being pregnant really does make you glow 🙂






T.I and Tiny Tie The Knot also!! ❤

I think Tiny got her wedding mixed up with a rave.. lol .. she looks good though 😉



Source- Bossip

Willow Smith’s Exclusive photoshoot in Paris

Willow is becoming a little model. We love the fact that she has her own style and does not look like the average 9 year old girl.



Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell x Terry Richardson Photoshoot >>

We couldnt believe the rumours that were going around that  LUPE was dead! , we were soooooo relieved when we heard they were LIES 😉 . Now he has teamed up with the love of our lives  Mr.Pharrell this photoshoot was soo cute!

 Terry Richardson’s latest diary entry features a series of photographs alongside Pharrell Williams and the always interesting Lupe Fiasco. This new set follows up recent shoots with the likes of Ben Stiller and Shaun White. Enjoy!
😉 😀


This is an unlikely match “/ …

Serena looks really good here. she should keep up this new look.

And common looks like a happy man to have her in his arm 🙂

We are loving this BUT..Why does it have to be bait that she has weave on when she has so much money to get the top dollar ones done for her… no ratings for that. Sorry hunny :S

Dawn Richards + Fine ASS Q! .

It has just been confirmed that Dawn and her boyfriend singer Qwanell Mosley will have their own reality show said to be starting this summer. As for Naturi, she has about 3 new movie projects coming out this year. We’re actually happy that these two are still going strong dispite everything thats happened, + plus look at Q come on NOW! hehe 😉

Their swag together is so cool + simple – Awwww Q ❤ 😉

LOVE her shoes , she looks like shes put on weight which is GOOD, looked very tiny this time last year! + Her hair ‘kinda’ suits her for once! 😉


Her Name Is Beautiful ..