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Fashion Designers By Disney|…

Syly Disney tried to copy what the creators from the simpsons did…. but hey, everyones got their own interpretation >…

(John Galliano)

(Alber Elbaz)

(Sonia Y Nathalie Rykiel)

(Really Really looks like Largerfeld!)

(Dolce & Gabana)


Cool 80’s pixel Video! By Patrick Jean (Y)


Cute Toys For The Looking |…

Clot x Levis x Medicom toy 1000 Bearbrick


Playing With Lego In The Rain; ..

Work done by : Nathan Sawaya …

This has to be the coolest artwork we’ve EVER seen ,it looks so REAL but it’s Lego! , = Makes US remember when we use to play as kids , GOOD TIMES 😉

‘I Want To Give You My Heart’ ..  😉

‘Don’t Let People Brainwash You ; Not Worth It’# 😉

‘Look NO Hands’ .. 😀

‘Guess Your Just Two Faced#’ .. 😦

‘He’s Smart; But He’s Lego!’ 😛

‘Theres A Devil Inside You Right?’ ~ 😦


Toy Story! ..

** WOW- It’s Toy Story we are so excited about this .. Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato Head, Jessie- they’re all back. Along with some new characters like Ken, Peas in a Pod and a few more… In the third film, Andy’s about to go to college and his mum appears to give up the toys to a local day care centre – and initially while the gang fear it’s the end for them all, some newcomers show them that there’s life beyond Andy‘s room.

Well enough ramble from us take a look 😉 😀

Now… This is just obsession …

This dude has gone and got Nicki Minaj tattooed into his hands. If i was Nicki i would feel slightly scared… if he is willing to permanently mark his body for you, what else is he willing to do for you and your attention. Would you guys ever get something like this for celebs you love???? 😦 , Fair enough you love her but sometimes as a fan you should watch from a distance wouldn’t be surprised if he waited for her outside her house; Kinda Creepy ….