Weddings Galore!!

Alicia & Swizz Beat’s wedding pictures-

She looked so beautiful in her long flowing dress. Being pregnant really does make you glow 🙂






T.I and Tiny Tie The Knot also!! ❤

I think Tiny got her wedding mixed up with a rave.. lol .. she looks good though 😉


Lindsay Lohan x KAWS Cover Complex August 2010 Issue

Amber Rose Covers Hip Hop Weekly

Amber Rose looked flawless on the cover of ‘Hip Hop Weekly’ as always BUT why did she have a bra over her dress? Anyways who cares she looks hot 24/7 so it doesnt matter Ohh and we adore her shoes … Love you AMBER ♥

LOVE the dress and her lippie 😉

Even at her YRB Magazine spread she looked hard DAMN! 😀

AND We will NEVER stop loving this pic . Speechless 😦


Celeb low down .

Miss Badu, are you feeling okaii? lol she loos a bit mad but in a weird way it look stylish and cool ..but still confusing lol

We love Kimmy!!!!! Only she could rock a spandex dress like this.


Meagan Good is begining to look older … no more taking roles of 16-20 years olds… you’ve past that stag now hun.

Also why is it that she looks caaaaked n make up (still looking beautiful though)


Rhi Rhi on the cover of NME looking edgy *claps hands*


Estelle looking fabo… LOVING THE WAIST COAT! i want i want!


Kimora Kimora Kimora!

This pictue is so sweet, Kenzo is realli gowing up ❤

KIMORA!!!! We alll know these arent your legs !

Photoshop does wonders, even though you used photoshop you made yourself  look disproportionate… It doesn’tt make sense girl.

But we still luv ya lol