Simple Fashion..

The sales are crazy , however sometimes there isn’t much as people go INSANE and forget their manners. 😦 ; From pushing to biting the sales are really mad lol ..

Sale at topman was exciting and this swetshirt went from £25 – £13!

This beautiful vintage thick cardie jumped form £90- £45! 😉

This grey- knitted like jacket with black marble buttons went half price jhezze!  £80-£40!..

Lordie we absolutely ADORE this hat , from the colours to the brown fur – produces a smile on your face don’t it?  £18-£8

AWH; This bag is to ‘die for’ lol, so big and lush comes in black to 😉  £140-£70 (half price!)

Love this bag, makes us want to go on a day trip up the mountains; altough we HATE mess :/ (£28-£15)

These v-neck tops have such delicious colours to them and can easily be worn with anything! £6-£3

Yum; the muscles on this model is one story but don’t you want to purchase his geek look tee?