His eyes burn through my head “/ KANYE POWER..


Kanye’s Robot Face Goyard Backpack =] …

We love the look of this backpack…+ Amber looks lovely as always πŸ˜‰ ..

It’s one of his designs that he unveiled at Paris Fashion Week 2010


We Want To Make A Purchase x2 ;] – the pattern and the rich colour of caramel just makes the bag look CRAZY! ..

Amber Is Human!!

Amber ALWAYS comes hard with her outfits and looks flawless. This outfit is MAD + shes probably the ONLY women that could pull this look off.;)

But we realised something when we took a closer look ! :OΒ 

She has stretch marks AND cellulite .. Β And she flaunting it, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with her and that’s what we LOVE . For her to be able to flaunt this is so inspiring jhezze she’s hot πŸ˜‰

LOved Up <3

Mariah Carey + Nick Cannon ; seem to look happy, but Mariah seems to ADORE the spotlight. Looks like shes ‘looking after’ Nick ; awww πŸ˜‰

Kimora Lee Simmons + Her new boyfriend Djimon Hounsou-Β  Love this couple he may not be the ‘Russell Lookalike’ but her makes her happy; surely thats all that counts.

Could this be Rihanna’s new man? ; they look very close to be ‘just friends’… πŸ˜›

Amber Rose + Kanye West- This woman is the definition of beautiful. Kanye is a VERY LUCKY Guy! ..

John Legend + His new girlfriend From his music to his voice, to his swag; John Legend really is the ‘one’ lol + they look so happy, look at their smiles πŸ˜€