Rihanna Slips Boo Matt Kemp Some Tongue

Firstly were loving Rihanna’s wild new hairstyle!, its SO red but she always pulls off the madest looks ;). Now were not very keen on her new man he’s not as intresting as Chris and Rihanna doesn’t look like she’s having that much fun. BUT in this new pic she looks loved up but could this be for the camera’s? Were happy for her , but their not the most intresting couple at the moment…

Sorry Rhi Rhi 😛

NOW this is cuter ! 😀



Celeb low down .

Miss Badu, are you feeling okaii? lol she loos a bit mad but in a weird way it look stylish and cool ..but still confusing lol

We love Kimmy!!!!! Only she could rock a spandex dress like this.


Meagan Good is begining to look older … no more taking roles of 16-20 years olds… you’ve past that stag now hun.

Also why is it that she looks caaaaked n make up (still looking beautiful though)


Rhi Rhi on the cover of NME looking edgy *claps hands*


Estelle looking fabo… LOVING THE WAIST COAT! i want i want!


Rihanna Your Just TO CHATTY! …

Rihanna & Alan Carr caught a lot of jokes last on his show ‘chatty man’; we love this guy! ;), we have to say that Rihanna’s outfit was very intresting! , she had to wear something that showed her’s + Alan’s personality + she did 🙂

Anyways … She was the last guest of the episode ..; Look below for pictures and the whole episode 😀

Her part starts at 22:30 mins ..


| Rihanna the copycat ??…

Rihanna’s being accused of being a copycat…

I can understand other people and celebrities saying this (from the above evidence lol)

But … is anything ever original?

And… is it still copying if you see an idea and like it but make it your own?

I don’t think it is entirely true that she is actively copying other people… but even if she is


Rihanna Rude Boy | Exclusive !

The wait is over! ; Rihanna’s rude boy video has been released today 11/2/10 .. . This video is colourful and very mad. The images are weird but intresting , the symbols may mean something more but Rihanna is H.O.T no doubt about that! ..

enjoy everyone! 😉


Rihanna | Rude Boy Music Video Photos ! ..

Rihanna’s song ‘Rude Boy’ from her new album Rated R has got good reviews aswell as her new single ‘Hard’ . First look on her exclusive pictures from the Video shoot , that will Premiere on Thrusday! ;


Rihanna in a spikey gold number ; her hairs long! ; just like the ‘good old days’ … 😉

Back with the short hair , very colourful outfit Ri Ri! .. 😛

Awwww – we can’t wait for this video to drop on Thrusday , should be mad! ; Rihanna knows how to fit a good songs with a good vid! ; so excited lol 😉

LISTEN to the song if you haven’t ; so you can see why everyones gone nuts for her 😀

Rihanna’s Risky outfit at the super bowl ..